Wednesday, January 13, 2010

when was my last AOC?

lost my footing today when i started doubting myself during a heated phone conversation.

it's a mystery as to why i keep doing what hurts me most. what is the key reason that i can't figure out? duhhhh...

time to tackle it... keep doing AOCs!

Monday, January 4, 2010

arise and shine!

i had a good laugh when i thought about setting new year resolutions.

yes, it's the beginning of the new year but what does it mean for us? setting resolutions only to break it later?

to be really effective, we don't need to wait till then to start afresh. the date is just but NUMBER.

each day is meaningful - it could simply be spending time with family. the objective is to make it count. make everyday worth living. lastly, anchoring on positive thoughts really helps.

now who needs the new year to start doing things right?

Monday, December 21, 2009

footprints, memories n clutters

nowadays, i've been doing lots of reflections while taking bus rides.... be it day or night, the lonely time on the bus has been reclassified as quality time.

i chart my progress and change myself to anchor on the positive thoughts during the day. i measure myself not by comparing with others, but by diligently penning down my completed tasks that have brought me to where i am now.

yes i'm happy... i'm excited... i'm euphoric!

i've made some crippling mistakes - it's like a footprint cemented on the ground that is spoiling the whole perfect landscape. it's tough not to focus on that spot and easy to lose sight of the big picture.

i've got one final clutter to clear.. n i need courage to complete the final lap to find out the real truth. maybe i've imagine the problem to be bigger than what it really is.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

yet another simple realisation about life

secret to maintaining happiness?

it's about drawing a thin but clear line to separate work vs personal life. the former weighs me down and daily, the burden isn't getting any ligher. rather than worry over what is not working out right, releasing myself just by switching off eases the tension almost instantly. it's about stepping out and switching into the rest mode mentally that helps a great deal.

it has taken me decades to reach this level. i wonder why i didnt know how to release myself in the past. i'm happy that i've gone up one more notch to lead a better quality of life ;)))

Monday, November 23, 2009

my growing self awareness

when we stop n ponder, are we just taking a break or are we lost?

where is that elusive piece of puzzle?

am i taking charge of the life that i'm leading?

life is worth living once again when i start taking the responsibility to craft something meaningful for myself.

...i owe it to MYSELF to lead a good life N i'm one step closer to HAPPINESS!

Monday, November 2, 2009

so near yet so far...

while its good to have a mentor to oversee my progress, it's a chore to get it done.

am feeling the energy dip in the 2nd week of my course.

things don't happen when i sit, think and dwell on it. just wasting time, trying to escape from the blockade i'm facing. i wish i had someone to help me with p7 which i'm struggling to get the content out.....

Thursday, October 22, 2009

do i really have NO TIME?

when the whole world is sound asleep, i'm still feeling energetic after 12 hrs of work with only 5 hrs of sleep the night before. can i do better with less sleep?

the realisation of the little 'i's that is seriously affecting my quality of life has been identified. i had unknowingly and habitually telling myself that 'I HAVE NO TIME'.

no time to talk on the phone
no time to do admin work
no time for meetings
no time to do my speeches
no time for movies
no time for housework
no time to slow down to catch a breather


the list goes on

it gets worse each day. i'm on the path of self destruction when it's just all in the mind. it is crippling, depressing and unfortunate.

ever wonder how role playing works to curb the bad habit?

indeed self talking can produce wonderful results. i can keep my bad habits at bay by countering it with simple acts. it diminishes the hold on me.

what's driving me? is it just growth? i'm still on the journey of discovering it. N now, its back to my homework before the another day begins.